JustIntonation is an open-source project, meaning that everyone is invited to contribute. There are several ways to contribute to the project:


Please report any problems or potential bugs, if possible in combination with a detailed description and a screendump.

Recording new instruments

Record a new instrument (in addition to organ, harpsichord, and piano). Basically we need a 44100 stereo file of all tones on the keyboard from left to right, each of them pressed for 40s and separated by at least 1s silence. In addition we need the same tones pressed only shortly for implementing the release sound. If you are interested please ask us for further details.


If you would like to translate the application to a different language we would send you a file with all English phrases used in the app, you would translate it, and we would implement your translation in the next update of the application.

Improving the tuning module and the core application

For the sake of modularity the tuning model is implemented as a static library which communicates with the application exclusively via Qt signals and slots. Fork the project from Gitlab and look for modules/tuner. You may also work on the core application, improving e.g. the sampler. If you think that your changes should be included in the next release please send us a merge request.