To install Just Intonation on a Mac click at the button below:

This will download the disk image file justintonation.dmg. If you open this file a new window appears in which you will find the application:

Starting the application by a double-click, you will probably get a message that the application can’t be started because it is coming from an unidentified developer. The reason is that we are not registered as certified professional developers of Apple software and thus the system blocks our software for security reasons. There are two ways to get around this message, for which you need administrator rights:

  • First method: Go to the settings of your Mac and change them in a way that non-certified third-party software can be installed.
  • Second method: Hold the Ctrl-key and right-click the application once. Then a context menu pops up. Choose the topmost entry “open”. Again a warning appears that you are using software downloaded from the internet and the administrator password is requested. This procedure has to be done only once.

If you encounter any problems with the installation please send us a message.