Responsible author:

Prof. Dr. Haye Hinrichsen
Department for Theoretical Physics III
University of Würzburg
Am Hubland, 97074 Würzburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 931 31 84908
Email: haye.hinrichsen at the University of Würzburg

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Privacy declaration:

This privacy declaration refers to the application “JustIntonation“. To read the privacy declaration for this web site please click here.

JustIntonation is a free software for educational purposes. The application does not collect, process, transmit, or share personal data.

The app JustIntionation requires the following permissions:

  • Access to the internet: The application comes with an integrated sampler that can produce realistic musical sounds. Because of their size (600MB) the samples are not part of the application itself, instead they have to be downloaded from our server, which requires internet access. If you deny internet access the app is fully usable but only with artificially created sounds.
  • Read and write local storage: If you download the samples from our server, they are stored locally on your hard drive. In addition, the app allows you to import MIDI files from your hard drive.